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NPR's Hey Ladies: Being a Woman Musician Today

The Sensible Flutist: NPR's Hey Ladies: Being a Woman Musician Today

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NPR's Hey Ladies: Being a Woman Musician Today

This link has been floating around in various circles of mine today, and I just had a second to start sifting through all the keen insights put forth by women musicians. Immediately, I latched on to what Alli Rogers, a solo artist, had to say:

"I think that creative people are wired to be constantly searching. Searching for inspiration and insight, questions and answers, meaning and significance. It's like artists are able to create the beautiful things they do because they take the risk of diving beneath the surface of what our eyes see and bringing back what they find from below for everyone else to experience. This is an all-encompasing task and as a new mother, I am having a hard time diving beneath the surface with the great and exhausting privilege of loving and raising a little boy! I am aware that there are less successful women in music than men and I think part of that is because many woman become mothers and are not able to give their whole selves to music because their hearts are with their children. Not to mention they are just tired all the time! Some people manage to do both parenting and creating at the same time, but I can't think of any musical 'greats' that have managed to do this well. I think being a mother is a creative and noble work and if I have to choose music or my family I will always choose my family. Somehow I don't think men who are fathers have to make the same choice, they seem able to separate themselves better. The fact that it is the mother who physically carries and births children is a picture of this I think." (emphasis added)

Her opening statement on creativity is just out of this world. This also happens to tie into a conversation I had on twitter today about managing priorities in our lives. I look forward to getting a little more time to explore all the survey's themes.

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