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A Musician's Motivation

The Sensible Flutist: A Musician's Motivation

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Musician's Motivation

I'm in the process of reading "Beyond Talent" by Angela Myles Beeching. This is an excellent guide for musicians looking to build a career, and is especially helpful if you never learned how to write a resume or marketing basics while in music school. In the midpoint of the book, Dr. Beeching asks a series of questions to guide your goal setting process.

The first question deals with your motivations as a musician, or why you're a musician. I asked this question on twitter and Facebook, and got a host of responses that were as unique as the responders yet unifying. Answers ranged from musicians feeling they are doing what they were meant to be doing, a feeling of purpose, music's communicative powers and its effect on the self and your audience to a natural progression of interests and freedom.

I identify with all these answers; however, after reflecting on my motivations, I am in music for a primary reason that is crucial to all of us - serving the local community. We live in a global community that is becoming increasingly smaller. As a society, we are losing our sense of what it means to connect with people in our local community.

My job as a musician allows me to connect with a diverse segment of people that I would not have come across otherwise. Teaching and performing allow me to build audiences and build value. Please take a moment to watch my video below summarizing my thoughts on this question. And PLEASE comment with your motivations! I love what you've shared so far.


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